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Timeflies PR photo TMTD.jpeg

The duo Timeflies combines pop songwriting styles with the studio tricks and big sounds of electronic dance music. Members Rob Resnick (producer) and Cal Shapiro (vocals) first met in college while playing in a funk band called The Ride. They formed Timeflies in 2010 while still in school, and a year later self-released their debut album, “The Scotch Tape.” Their popular Youtube video series, “Timeflies Tuesday,” became a regular feature of the band's video-sharing channel, with popular charting hits all getting the unique Timeflies treatment. They quickly became a headlining touring act, selling out venues and performing at major festivals such as Lollapalooza. Signed Universal Music’s Island/Def Jam label, Timeflies released several EPs and albums, including popular singles “I Choose U,” “All the Way,” and “Worse Things Than Love.”  After becoming independent and starting their own label, Forty8Fifty Music Group, their first independent release “Once In A While” eventually grew to be a platinum selling record.

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